I write. I edit. I design. I market. Ask me about emojis 😎 

Social media

I'm an expert social media marketer, community manager and content creator. From Snapchat geofilters to Facebook Live. Get the content you need delivered to an audience who cares.


I have extensive experience in editing and writing content. Having previously run a science magazine and published on the Scientific American Incubator Blog I write content that matters. 



Design is a deep passion of mine. From rebranding organisations to creating flyers and brochures, I have a firm background in creating eye catching content.

Clean design. Innovating Science Centre.



An annual celebration of science brought to life.


A science magazine with a difference.


I am co-creator and editor (as well as regular contributor) for TEPE Magazine -- a magazine delving into the mysteries of science and searching for human narratives.