Cayman Brac

What you soon learn about living on a small island in the Greater Antilles is that the Caribbean is made up of a lot of islands and no two are the same. They don’t come much smaller than my escapade to Cayman Brac over the winter.

A relaxing soundtrack for the weekend

It’s not easy to get to the small islands here, and this journey wasn’t done by jet plane but on a tiny prop that was so small the pilot just kind of shouted things behind over his shoulder before we took off. I loved every second.

The ride out was bumpy and, I’ll be honest, the person next to me threw up into their lap so it wasn’t the most totally glamorous trip I’ve ever taken. But what we endured in transit was made up for by the location. Untainted tropical wilderness. There were only a handful of restaurants coupled with a few shops and one resort on the island.

It was great. I’d unwittingly stepped into paradise without realising it, and exploring the island brought with it a new kind of calm.


Over the course of a weekend I think I saw about ten people, including the pilots who work for the local airline having a quiet drink at my hotel.


I had a magical time.

People told me to prepare for a slower pace of life in Cayman Brac and, tbh, initially I thought no place could be slower than my current home. But they were right. There's no place that relaxed me more than Cayman Brac with its quiet roads and long meandering days.

Before I left I managed to find my way up the bluff and to dizzying heights unheard of on Grand Cayman. Driving around the island in my rental car it was a real treat to explore the island.

I definitely want to return to Cayman Brac. I don't know whether it was the total lack of proper signal and wifi, but something about the island was just so relaxing.