9 Things You Need to Know About Using Facebook Lead Ads to Drive Sales

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At #Inbound18 I was in a session with Doug Weiss, Offline and Retail Lead for Facebook in their Product Partnerships department. He made some really excellent points about the platform and the way ads are changing.

A lot of what Doug said was fairly unsurprising, but it's rare that you get a chance to hear from Facebook on any matter. Also, I've always been of the opinion that if Facebook start pushing a feature you'll see the best results if you start using it. 

Doug took a deeper dive into Lead Ads on Facebook and one of my favourite features — canvas. In my opinion both are under utilised, so let's take a closer look at how Lead Ads work and how they can transform your sales through some FAQs.

The Basics of Facebook Lead Ads

1.What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads encourage lead generation on Facebook and Instagram using a contact form native to the platform that pulls in information so users don't have to type it out. It's a quick and easy way for mobile users to show their interest in your service or product.  These ads currently run in a number of languages.

2. Why are Facebook Lead Ads a good idea?

The idea with Facebook Lead Ads is that when somebody clicks on your ad in Facebook or Instagram, they'll be led to a native form within the platform that prompts them to give more information. These forms are super user friendly and often have dropdown menus instead of text to avoid accidental thumb-typos on mobile devices.

3. Who Should Use Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are pretty versatile but in general you're going to want to use them if you're looking for any of the following:

  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Interest/Enquiries in a service/product
  • Applications/sign-ups/pre-orders
  • Registration for an event or webinar
  • Contests
  • Insurance or sales quotes
  • Demo/free-trial/sample requests
  • Booking an appointment

While these ads work best on mobile devices, they can be used for desktop placements too. You'll find some of the more exciting features like Canvas, Dynamic Ads, and Facebook Watch are only available for mobile, however. You can check which lead ad features are available on which devices here.

4. What Do I Need to Run a Facebook Lead Ad Campaign?

All you need to run a Facebook Lead Ad Campaign is:

  • A Facebook Business Page
  • A Facebook Account
  • A method of payment
  • A website
  • A privacy policy page on your website (checked by a legal team, if possible)

5. Are facebook lead ads effective?

Facebook Lead Ads can be highly effective when used correctly. This type of ad is all about closing a deal or conversion, so ideally you'll also have ads running higher up the funnel attracting and engaging new audiences before you serve people this ad.

Some companies forget about the top of the funnel, and only run ads of this type. While there's nothing wrong about this what they normally see is an increasing cost per conversion and diminishing audiences after a time. Essentially, they are running the equivalent of a cold-calling campaign on Facebook.

By running Facebook ads that attract, then engage, and only then convert (and at this point you can use lead ads) you'll find you're constantly reaching new audiences and paying less for conversions. You can dramatically reduce costs this way and you'll find the leads you attract are more qualified.

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Setting Up Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns

6. How Much Do Facebook Lead Ads Cost?

Chances are you're a veteran when it comes to Facebook and Instagram Ads, so you know as well as I do that you have to choose your own price when it comes to social media ads Generally, you're going to find the cost per result reduced as compared to external landing pages, although this might not always be the case. 

When it comes to generating leads you need to also have systems in place to handle those leads, so you might not want to immediately splash out on a large budget if your sales team aren't ready to handle large numbers of leads.

If you have a smaller audience, sometimes accelerated budget can be a great way to make sure you're reaching the people you need to. Use caution with this one, though. Accelerated budget is just that — you're telling Facebook to actively try and use up a budget ahead of time instead of spreading out the money.

7. Which Lead Ad Objective Should I Use?

There are three objectives you can choose from:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach

Each have different advantages, and really the selection of this should come down to what you're looking to achieve. It might sound like nonsense to select any other objective than lead generation, but selecting one of the other two options can sometimes be helpful when it comes to capturing people earlier in their journey. Specifically, these objectives are useful to businesses who want to register pre-intent, like pre-orders of an item.

Technical Troubleshooting of my Ads

8. How do I get Facebook Lead Ad Data Onto My CMS?

It's super easy to download your leads from Facebook Lead Ads. You can either directly download them, or you can connect to your CRM. We connect Lead Ads to our HubSpot software, which is super useful because its automated.

Leads are available for download for up to 90 days after a submission, so you need to be on top of exporting that data

9. Can I change the field IDs in my Lead Ads?

Sure! If you want to change the default column names when you download your lead ads, you'll need to update these field IDs when you create a new form.  Note: you can only edit field IDs on a new form.

Do you use Facebook Lead Ads?