Using Facebook Messenger To Maximise Sales

Facebook Messenger Ads have been around for a while (globally, since July last year) but, despite this, they're a pretty under-utilized feature when it comes to businesses. Here's how to use Facebook Messenger Ads to leverage conversions and increase sales for your business:

                                               Image:  Facebook

                                               Image: Facebook

The Important Stats

Over 2 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and people every month on Messenger. Just looking at those numbers alone, clearly, ads on this platform have a huge potential for reach.

Couple this with the fact that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can directly message and 56% of people would rather message than call customer service, and it becomes clear that Messenger Ads can become part of your paid marketing strategy to guide more leads through the sales funnel.

Types of Ads

There are three kinds of Messenger Ads:

  1. Home Ads
  2. Sponsored Messages
  3. Click-to-Messenger

Home ads are pretty straightforward — these are ads you see on your Messenger home page. If you leave automatic placements selected in a Facebook Campaign, most ads will display here.

Sponsored Messages can also appear in your inbox, but function more like a direct message than an ad. They're a way for you to directly speak to an audience but, because of the way they display, are a little more intrusive.

The third type of ad encourages users to message your business using a standard ad format on Facebook that has a call-to-action that opens messenger.

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                                                                                                        Image: Facebook

When creating Messenger ads, you have the same audience targeting options as within Facebook ads, so you can target based on interests, activities, favourite music, films and TV programmes.

Interesting Uses: Customer Re-engagement

Maybe you haven't heard from a particular customer or lead in a while, or maybe your current ads are generating leads but those leads aren't completing the sales cycle — you can create custom re-targeting audiences based on previous interaction with your ads or page and then advertise to these audiences in Facebook Messenger.

Because these people have already interacted with your brand, you could sponsor messages that are personable, and encourage re-engagement. Many people feel more affinity towards brands who appear more human, and as a person instead of a company.

Based on interactions with these messages, you can also trigger other timely ads on other Facebook platforms — offering further content on Instagram, for example, once you know a lead is re-engaged. You need to be careful your audience don't suffer from ad fatigue — when the ad frequency is so high you get sick of a brand — but that's easy to track in ad manager.

Interesting Uses: Encourage New Conversations

Messenger is a preferred point of contact for many people online — if you're on Facebook already the chances are you don't want to have to leave the app to call or email a particular brand. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by creating click-to-messenger ads for targeted audiences.

This can be encouraging potential leads to ask about a particular product, free trial, or even letting you know their favorite color. The key with this kind of ad is establishing contact. Once you have that contact, you can lead nurture through Facebook (did you know you can send timed messages much like emails highlighting updates or news from your brand?).

Further Features

While your Messenger ads can be identical to your Facebook Ads (simply select Messenger alongside Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network in Ad Placement settings) they shouldn't always be identical. Your audience is unique on Messenger, and on Instagram, and your creative should speak directly to them. It's better to highly target your messaging rather than to take a scatter-gun approach when it comes to paid ads on Facebook.

Beyond the basics, here are a few more useful tips for getting advanced with Facebook Messenger Ads:

  • Experiment with Video: Videos now auto-play on Facebook Messenger Ads.
  • Choose and time ads wisely: These Ads are a little more intrusive than other kinds of ads so use them sparingly and smartly
  • Automation: You can combine these Ads with a chatbot in your business Messenger for added effectiveness

Examples of Use

  1. Tommy Hilfiger: Far from being a fashion don't, this American fashion house took social advertising and automation to the next level with a bot for Messenger that drove sales of its newest collection moments after its runway debut. Tommy Hilfiger found that 87% of people who tried the bot experience returned to use it again, after experiencing 60,000 messages.
  2. Globe Telecom: Facebook puts it succinctly: Globe Telecom helped customers help themselves.  After their campaign they saw a 50% reduction in calls to the hotline and 22% higher customer satisfaction rate.
  3. Sephora: Sephora simplified bookings through a bot on messenger, increasing booking rates by 11%.

Have you used Facebook Messenger Ads?